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N.Y.C. top 10: Biggest commercial real estate sales this year

New Yorkers may recognize some of the buildings in the video below. That's because, so far in 2015, they are the biggest real estate deals to be announced.

Siemens pitches for integrated solutions for 'Smart City' project

The delegation said that given the experience and expertise of Siemens, the company is in a position to offer integrated solutions to potential smart cities covering the areas of urban infrastructure, energy, security, waste management and governance ...

Commercial property can bust warns RBA

"This is not the only difference between commercial real estate and owner-occupied housing relevant to financial stability but it is a fundamental one," she said.

Environmental sustainability of integrated fish farming questioned

A traditional method of farming often praised for being environmentally sustainable actually releases 'significant' greenhouse gas emissions, an Oxford University study has found. Integrated fish farming is common in aquaculture and a particular system ...



Methods That Should Be On Your Radar

Cost-effective site sampling tools like GPR should be considered for enviro assessment surveys

What's Bigger than a Bread Box?

Probabilistic Cost Forecasting: Keeping Budget Surprises to a Minimum

No one likes budget surprises, especially not when it comes to an environmental cleanup. Naturally, owners don’t like knowing projects are going to cost more than planned.

Turn Cities Green to Save Trillions of Dollars, Say Economists

Improving cities' green infrastructure could save up to US$22 trillion and cut the same amount in carbon pollution as India's entire yearly greenhouse gas emissions, economists predicted Tuesday. The Global Commission on Climate and Economy, made up ...



Water Management for Commercial Markets

The company is expanding its commercial division with “Whole-Building” water filtration and ScaleSolver conditioning systems that include integrated water meter technologies to help customers manage water usage and flow rates within their buildings.

Land Bank to continue with IPO plan

Deputy Minister of Finance Wu Tang-chieh (???), who is acting chairman of the state-owned Land Bank of Taiwan (????), yesterday said the lender would press ahead with plans to raise new funds through an initial public offering (IPO).

Real Estate Sector in Slow Growth Phase

NEW DELHI: The country's real estate market remains in the grip of a downturn as developers struggling with unsold inventory and investors waiting for more reduction in prices.

After Hurricane Sandy: 10 Recommendations

The 25-person ULI panel made 23 specific recommendations after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which are summarized and explained in more detail. The recommendations presented by the panel were derived from a multidisciplinary perspective.


  • Senior Engineer
    KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Senior Engineer with a concentration in chemical or environmental engineering for our Midwest operations.
  • System Specialist
    TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) is hiring a System Specialist in the New Jersey/New York Area. TRS Group, Inc. is an environmental remediation company with projects throughout the U.S. We apply a new,…
  • Assistant Project Manager
    TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) is hiring an Assistant Project Manager in the New Jersey/New York area and in the Chicago, Illinois area. TRS Group, Inc. is an environmental remediation company with projects…

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