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Mellowing With Age

Louisville, Kentucky real estate developer Andy Blieden noticed a property in terrible shape, covered in graffiti and with indigents living inside. 

'Green' roofs grow literally and in quantity

Unlike what one may think of when they envision traditional rooftop gardens, green roofs, or live roofs, are an actual layer of vegetation on a structure's roof.

Underutilized Mills, Factories Topic at Conn. Symposium

City officials, commercial realtors, property owners and developers from across Connecticut  gathered in May to discuss solutions to a problem faced by towns across the state: underutilized mills and factories.

Environmental Symposium at the University of West Florida Planned

The West Florida Regional Planning Council, the Bay Area Resource Council and the University of West Florida\'s Environmental Studies Department will host the 28th annual Environmental Symposium at the University of West Florida.



DeKalb County Brownfield Revolving Loan Program Spurs Development

The Development Authority of DeKalb County, Ga. (DADC) has approved a brownfield funding request that will spur economic development within two distinct county locations.

ULI Recommends Small-Business Innovation Center

A new study is recommending redevelopment of the former Chrysler site as a business park and innovation center, but planners caution the project will take years to complete.

Spartan Proposal for MSU Biomedical Research Center

The plan for ancillary development as part of Michigan State University’s proposed Biomedical Research Center in Grand Rapids took a step forward.

8 steps you can take to go green and save money

Frugal fitness finds can put being active within reach of any budget. More >>. Frugal fitness finds can put ... That could save a family of four $2,000 over the fixture's lifetime, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Plus you will ...



Marquette, Mich. Eyes Reimbursement Term Modification

Changes in the reimbursement and development agreement for the Founders Landing brownfield project were the focus of a joint work session involving the Marquette City Commission and Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

2000 gallon diesel spill contaminates soil, city water well and water table

An estimated 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from a holding tank near a city of Ada well located south of Fittstown. The diesel fuel has contaminated the city well, which is used primarily during peak summer months.

Erie an Exception to N.Y. State’s Cleanup Predicament

A new report by a statewide environmental group calls Erie County one of the few “pockets of success” for the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program, even as it criticized the overall program as a “broken system” that has left taxpayers footing the bill” for projects in wealthier markets that would get done, anyway.

Alternative and clean energy project sites gain government approval

Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) approved funding for seven new Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) projects including solar power, wastewater treatment, fuel filling stations and energy-efficient renovation, Gov.


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