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    NJSWEP/BCONE Co-Hosted Spring Networking Event

    New York, Apr 20, 2017, Gigino at Wagner Park -20 Battery Pl
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    Annual NJDEP Regulatory Update

    Trenton, Apr 25, 2017, NJDEP Public Hearing Room at 401 East State St in Trenton NJ
    Hear from the management team at NJDEP about…
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    Big Apple Brownfield Awards

    New York, Apr 26, 2017, New York Law School, 185 W. Broadway
    Celebrate the best projects in New York…
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    Urban land institute 2017 Spring Meeting

    Seattle, May 2, 2017, Washington State Convention Center
    The ULI Spring Meeting is an exclusive,…
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    2017 RE3 Conference

    Philadelphia, Nov 1, 2017, Marriot Downtown
    The must-attend event of 2017 focused on…
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    2017 National Brownfields Conference

    Pittsburgh, Dec 5, 2017, David L. Lawrence Convention Center
    Please join us for the premier brownfields…

Growing the Association for Redevelopment Initiatives is a collective goal, however, specific tasks are most effectively handled by Committees. In turn, each Committee Member has the expertise, time and commitment to move the Committee's initiatives forward, and to present the Committee's findings to the Board for feedback and approval.

The Committees necessary for the Association for Redevelopment Initiatives are:

Administration & Finance Committee: This Committee's primary responsibilities include: handling the books, preparing financial reports for the Board and for (government) compliance, etc.

Events and Conferences Committee: Some events are national and some events are local, at the chapter level. Also some events are live while others are virtual (via web / conf. call). However, these events are not ad hoc, or ‘one-off’ — they all support our mission. Thus, the Committee oversees the scope, rationale and appropriateness (relevance, costs, results, etc.) associated with our events.

Member Services Committee: Our membership is diverse. Furthermore, some members have a very narrow and local focus and needs, while others are national, even international. And, as we know, some stakeholders are crucial (ie. owners/developers and municipalities/public sector). Our membership and our ability to connect with our members is probably the most important aspect of our strategy.

Program Development Committee: Overseeing the development of projects that deliver value to our members — such as publications (including the Journal); webinars; Redevelopment Concierge (our chapter tools), etc. Working with our Member Services Committee to understand member needs, and working with other committees to coordinate deliverables (ie. Events; Grants; Advocacy) is a crucial function of the Program Development Committee.

Advocacy and Outreach Committee: The goals of this Committee are to: (1) raise the profile of the Association (so it is recognized as a strong voice in the industry); (2) effectively advocate important initiatives at the local / chapter level, and (3) work with other organizations (non-profit and gov.) to create win-win solutions that increase participation, engagement and value (not just awareness, but tangible results for the Association and its members).

Fundraising and Grants Committee: Working with private foundations and government entities to secure funds that enable the Association to effectively deliver on its mission and vision. This Committee works closely with the Program Development Committee on specific projects that require funding and grants to actualize.

Executive and Nominating Committee: This Committee is responsible for vetting and nominating potential Board members. The entire Board votes to accept a new Board member; however, before a nomination is presented to the Board, this Committee  conducts basic due diligence and interviews, and decides if a candidate is good fit for the Board of Directors.


A Mill(ion) Dollar Opportunity

The Bates of Maine Woolen Mill, a former industrial anchor in the city of Lewiston (pop.36, 500) in western Maine, has been transformed into a modern and bustling economic hub following years of city, state, federal, non-profit, private involvement and funding

Chapter Events

NJSWEP/BCONE Co-Hosted Spring Networking Event

Gigino at Wagner Park -20 Battery Pl, New York, New York - Apr 20, 2017... Cont.

Big Apple Brownfield Awards

New York Law School, 185 W. Broadway, New York, New York - Apr 26, 2017... Cont.

Annual NJDEP Regulatory Update

NJDEP Public Hearing Room at 401 East State St in Trenton NJ, Trenton, New Jersey - Apr 25, 2017... Cont.

Urban land institute 2017 Spring Meeting

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington - May 2, 2017... Cont.

2017 National Brownfields Conference

David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Dec 5, 2017... Cont.

2017 RE3 Conference

Marriot Downtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Nov 1, 2017... Cont.

Brownfield Gap Financing Program Informational Session

Sumner Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota - Jan 12, 2017... Cont.

Battelle, 9th International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

Sheraton New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana - Jan 9, 2017... Cont.

Restore America’s Estuaries, 8th National Summit on Coastal & Estuarine Restoration

New Orleans, Louisiana - Dec 10, 2016... Cont.

A&WMA, Air & Waste Management Assn, Vapor Intrusion, Remediation, and Site Closure Conference

DoubleTree by Hilton San Diego Mission Valley, San Diego, California - Dec 7, 2016... Cont.



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An industrial property in Southeast Michigan that was vital in the allied victory in World War II ...

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The Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (CCLRT), or METRO Green Line, is comprised of an 11-mile light rail transit line that connects downtown Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul.

Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) was founded in 1915 by automotive pioneer Henry Ford.

The Renewal Awards selection process is supremely democratic, as any individual is eligible to submit an application.

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