27 September 2016

EnviroAnalytics Group now offering Guaranteed Fixed Price Environmental Remediation (GFPR)

St. Louis, MO – EnviroAnalytics Group, LLC (EAG) is officially announcing three levels of management services for large-scale environmental clean-up projects. In response to a market demand for cost-controlled environmental remediation, EAG will now be offering three levels of service to external clients: Time & Materials Project Management, Guaranteed Fixed-Price Project Management, and Environmental Liability Transfers.

Since 2008, EAG has been the captive project management team for Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. (ELT) - a major North American environmental risk assumption firm. EAG’s aggressively-minded group of engineers, geologists, PhDs, and lawyers have consistently achieved regulatory closure well below third-party cost estimates and prior to timeline goals. Years of internal success compelled EAG management to transition the service externally.

"Our relationship with ELT has hardwired our team to operate with the owner's best interest in mind" said Adam Kovacs, VP of Business Development at EAG. "As we transition this service externally, our competitive advantage remains intact - a culture designed to lower cost parameters and expedite project timelines without forfeiting quality of work. All while maintaining a keen eye on regulatory compliance and public health and safety."

As a captive of ELT, EAG has become one of the fastest-growing environmental consultancies in North America. EAG has managed the remediation of over 300 environmentally-impacted sites in North America, and managed remedial funds exceeding $1 billion USD. EAG has experience with nearly all contaminants of concern - PCBs, chlorinated solvents, creosote, petroleum impacts, heavy metals impacts, and others. In doing so, EAG has restored hundreds of environmentally-impacted sites quickly and efficiently – saving millions of dollars in environmental budgets. Today, EAG actively manages the remediation of over 200 environmentally-impacted sites in North America and manages funds in excess of $250 million USD.

Three Levels of Environmental Project Management

EAG is now offering clients three levels of environmental project management services: Time & Materials Project Management, Guaranteed Fixed-Price Project Management, and Environmental Liability Transfers.

Time & Materials Project Management

For corporate clients facing escalating costs and protracted clean-up timelines, EAG is offering a Time & Materials Project Management solution. Advantages include: costcutting remedial strategies, access to EAG’s lean and experienced project management teams, strict vendor oversight, and regulatory advocacy.
For details on EAG’s Time & Materials option, click here.

Guaranteed Fixed-Price Project Management

For clients seeking to achieve cost-controlled regulatory closure, EAG is offering a Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation (GFPR) option. EAG will guarantee that remedial work remains within the predetermined budget framework. Any and all costs exceeding the budget will be the sole responsibility of EAG. EAG is backed by a robust corporate balance sheet, which allows the firm to be aggressive in the terms it can offer clients.
For details on EAG’s Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation (GFPR) option, click here.

Environmental Liability Transfers

As a third level of environmental project management, EAG is offering environmental liability transfers. Through corporate affiliate Environmental Liability Transfer Inc. (ELT), EAG will take contractual ownership of corporate environmental liabilities, absolving corporate clients of regulatory obligations in perpetuity. This is a complete and final "walk away" option backed by a robust indemnification package and high levels of capitalization.
For details on EAG’s Environmental Liability Transfer option, click here.

Filling the Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation (GFPR) Market Void

Recent product retractions in the environmental insurance market has contributed to a void for guaranteed fixed-price environmental remediation options, which EAG intends to fill.

The reality of large-scale environmental cleanup projects is that predetermined budget forecasts seldom align with actual clean-up costs – this can be due to a variety of risk factors including: higher than expected concentrations of contamination, changes to regulatory requirements, fluctuating interest rates, and so on. EAG's cost-controlled remediation solutions are designed to mitigate these risks, while also fast-tracking the environmental clean-up process.

Key Projects Currently Underway

As the captive environmental project management team for ELT, EAG has underwritten and managed some of the most complex environmental clean-up projects in North America. Today, EAG has over 200 sites in active stages of environmental remediation, below are a few key projects currently underway:

  • Sparrows Point: EAG is currently overseeing the environmental clean-up activities at Sparrows Point, the 3,100 acre site of the former RG Steel and Bethlehem Steel mill outside Baltimore, MD. EAG is on track to achieve regulatory closure in accordance with agreed timelines which will prepare this distressed property for the development of "Tradepoint Atlantic" - the largest deepwater logistical hub and industrial tract on the eastern seaboard.
    Construction is currently underway. Read More »
  • Shell Global: EAG is currently managing remedial activities at 150+ sites formerly owned and operated by Shell Global. Located across ten Canadian provinces/territories and 3 U.S. states, these sites were impacted by petrohydrocarbons due to past oil services operations. In 2014, Shell Global transferred environmental liabilities to ELT, which subsequently jumpstarted the environmental clean-up process. Today, over 40% of the environmentallyimpacted sites have been achieved environmental closure. EAG is on track to restore the remaining sites prior to predetermined timeline goals. Read More »
  • DTE Energy: EAG developed a cost-cutting and efficient plan of action to remediate and demolish a retired 511-MW coal-fired power plant in Marysville, MI. EAG’s plan was approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). Environmental clean-up is currently underway and will prepare the site for a new proposed development. Read More »
  • Evraz Steel: EAG is ahead of budget and ahead of schedule cleaning the environmental impact at a 425-acre retired steel mill in Claymont, DE. EAG is working with regulators to close this site in preparation for the "First State Crossing" redevelopment initiative slated to break ground in 2017. In July 2016, the project received a $10 million federal TIGER grant toward a new transportation center, expected to "ignite growth in Claymont." Read More »

About EnviroAnalytics Group LLC

EnviroAnalytics Group LLC (EAG) provides environmental consulting and project management services on environmentally-impacted real estate and liabilities to corporations, law firms, accounting firms, lenders, municipalities, and institutions throughout North America. With over 200 properties in active environmental remediation, and funds under management exceeding $250 million, EAG supports our clients with a "culture of efficiency" that provides practical remedial strategies to achieve regulatory closure under budget and prior to timeline goals. For more information, visit www.enviroanalyticsgroup.com.

For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with a representative from EnviroAnalytics Group, LLC, please contact John Kowalik at (314) 835-2813; jkowalik@cdcco.com.





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