Nov 14, 2014

So for more than a decade, the methane generated at the landfill has been flared off, as regulations require. The proposed electric plant will transform that waste in 22 megawatts of usable electricity, while creating an extra source of revenue for OC ...

Nov 13, 2014

Town officials, who also wanted the landfill site included in the brownfields program, saw the testing as a way to support the developers' case, according to a 2009 fact sheet.

Nov 12, 2014

Her efforts led to the creation of Superfund, a federal program designed to cleanup hazardous waste sites. Today, Gibbs continues to speak nationwide about toxic chemicals and children's vulnerability to harmful environmental exposures.

Nov 11, 2014

EWS has spent over 15 years engineering systems that integrate the EWS patented Reverse Polymerization(TM) process and proprietary microwave delivery system.

Nov 11, 2014

A very significant point is the fact that incineration reduces the amount of solid waste by up to 85%, thus reducing the amount of volume for landfills.

Nov 7, 2014

The plan touches upon improving all components of the waste management chain that includes segregation, collection and disposal with increased citizen involvement at the core.

Nov 7, 2014

The recycling center typically doesn't - and isn't allowed by law - to accept pesticides, paint or rechargeable batteries on a normal day, but collected thousands of pounds of hazardous waste Oct. 29 as a part of its annual special collection day.

Nov 7, 2014

Municipal solid waste management generally refers to the management of solid waste from residential societies, streets, public places, commercial buildings, hospitals, and other institutions.

A Mill(ion) Dollar Opportunity

The Bates of Maine Woolen Mill, a former industrial anchor in the city of Lewiston (pop.36, 500) in western Maine, has been transformed into a modern and bustling economic hub following years of city, state, federal, non-profit, private involvement and funding

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The former General Motors Indianapolis Stamping Plant property presented a unique, 103-acreurban redevelopment opportunity ...

It was formerly a 100-year-old textile warehouse that held 550,000 bales of cotton ...

Despite the cloud of uncertainty around federal funding, there's a mood pervading that mostly consists of "carry on regardless" ...

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Michigan developers now can collect some of the taxes generated by businesses on brownfield sites upon which they're building ...

Innovative Florida environmental site cleanup and Brownfield programs received a boost as the 2017 regular session of the Florida Legislature concluded ...

Green Bay, Wis. redevelopment efforts are getting a big boost with a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency ...