Feb 9, 2017

Roadmap to Remediation, Redevelopment and Results

Roadmap to Remediation, Redevelopment and Results

Combining the best of both worlds—technical know-how and market acumen—creates value and substantive new opportunities can emerge. While we all know this, now is the time to put this concept into action! The RE3 Conference, produced by EnviroBlend in collaboration with the Association for Redevelopment Initiatives (ARI), is the first true multidisciplinary business and technical event in this industry.

Taking place November 1-3, 2017, the event will encompass 40 technical and expert developer presentations, networking and deal opportunities, case studies, continuing education credits, and more. The program focuses on the benefits, challenges and value creation associated with the redevelopment and finance of sites that have environmental and economic concerns. In addition, new and applied technologies and methodologies for dealing with contaminated waste are discussed and presented. It also includes resources and cost-effective ways to approach environmental cleanup.

The Conference offers participants a "holistic perspective" by addressing both the business side of redevelopment and the technical acumen of remediation and risk management. By gaining unfettered access, unique insights and perspectives, participants can better align and integrate (real estate) development needs and technical expertise towards shared goals and more efficient, more cost-effective and predictable outcomes.

Whether you're looking to boost sales, bolster awareness or build client relations, RE3 provides strategic (and tactical) opportunities for truly effective business-to-business relationship marketing. Beyond advertisements, exhibit booth and direct mail, RE3 Conference—working jointly with the Association for Redevelopment Initiatives (ARI)—delivers relevant interaction with more than 45,000 private and public stakeholders.

Double Down On Takeaways

Now in it's 4th year, the RE3 Conference and ARI combine the strength and unique approach of the Association to provide even more value to participating stakeholders. ARI's mission is to identify, facilitate and celebrate collaborative, accountable and market-driven solutions for sustainable redevelopment of blighted, abandoned or underutilized properties. The RE3 Conference provides hands-on and face-to-face opportunities that are unique to the industry.

Both organization executives agree that this collaboration adds much-needed muscle and perspective—more crucial than ever amid a challenging business environment. The event's power takes on added significance given the new Presidential administration—thus the focus on market-driven initiatives, manufacturing, infrastructure, redevelopment, remediation and reuse are front-burner issues.

"Our strategic partnership with ARI will help us to enhance our developer-focused program and offer more robust benefits to our sponsors and attendees. In line with our mission to continually evolve RE3 to meet the needs of the industry, we are very excited to move forward in this direction," says Charis Gehret, Executive Director of RE3.

Commented Leonard von Rommel, Executive Director of ARI: "At the RE3 Conference participants learn, connect, build relationships and develop new business opportunities. The event happens at a very opportune time, is packed with quality content and it's designed to connect decision makers from among private and public organizations. It is a great event and ARI is proud to be supporting and collaborating on this initiative."

The RE3 Conference is strategically located in Philadelphia and scheduled at an ideal time for industry practitioners to solidify deals for 2017 as well as plan ahead for 2018 projects. The co-sponsors project that more than 500 industry experts, leaders and government representatives will attend the Conference. The 3-day event this fall in Philadelphia is sure to provide a rich experience to attendees and exhibitors alike. Mark your calendar, register and attend—and don't worry about lunch—that's included too! For additional details and to sign up for this opportunity-filled event, visit www.re3conference.com/pr.

The RE3 Conference is produced by the EnviroBlend division of Premier Magnesia, LLC. For over 40 years, the EnviroBlend line of customized chemistries have been used to treat heavy metal waste including over 10 million tons of soil, groundwater and industrial wastestreams. As an industry leader, EnviroBlend started RE3 with the mission of creating venue to foster the exchange of information related to successes in dealing with land and groundwater contamination from the perspective of the property owner, developer and remediation professional. To learn more about EnviroBlend, please visit: www.enviroblend.com

The Association for Redevelopment Initiatives (ARI) role is to facilitate private and public-sector stakeholders to find collaborative, accountable and market-driven solutions for the redevelopment of blighted, abandoned or underutilized properties. We accomplish our mission through a number of strategic initiatives designed to uncover value, build relationships and facilitate peer-to-peer networking among our many stakeholders. To learn more about ARI, please visit: www.RedevelopmentInitiatives.org or contact Leonard von Rommel, Executive Director

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More than 500 industry experts will come together November 1-3, 2017 in Philadelphia for the next important conference on remediation and redevelopment. It's the event you do not want to miss.

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